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Website Translation Services

Localizing your website is one of the most cost-effective ways to establish a global footprint. But building websites that truly resonate with local customers everywhere means adapting content and design elements to the local language, customs, and culture in each target geography. Net-Translators comprehensive Website Localization services can help you turn your English-language site into a multilingual tool that is clear, concise, and on-message in every language.
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Successful website localization is much more than just language translation, it involves careful review and adaptation of linguistic, cultural, and technical aspects for each target website. From project planning to website launch, Net-Translators award-winning Website Localization services will help you create appealing websites in the local languages of your target audiences. Services include:

  • Strategy & preparation
  • Internationalization (i18n) consulting: review and analyze the website to ensure it is i18n-compliant
  • Structural consultation: review source of English-language site to ensure it is easy to navigate
  • Website localization
    • Content translation: translate the web files from any supported format into up to 60 languages
    • Database translation: prepare a database-driven website for international use
    • Localize design & graphic elements: review site symbols, images, color choices, and other design elements whose meaning or importance may not ‘translate’ to a specific target language. Address design issues that arise from a change in LTR to RTL reading order, etc. Ensure conversions required for local conventions such as numbering, currency, date formats, and other cultural/geographical variances are handled.
  • Multilingual website testing
    • test plan development
    • comprehensive testing for linguistic, cosmetic, and functional issues
    • options include local testing onsite at customer location, remote testing, or in Net-Translators’ Multilingual Testing Center
  • Net-Proxy Website Translation Service: the traditional method of localizing and translating a website has many benefits but can also be overwhelming to companies of any size. As a result, many companies never even attempt and succeed at reaching global markets in their native language. At Net-Translators, we fully understand this dilemma and are excited to offer Net-Proxy, a cost-effective, professional website globalization solution that makes translating any website into any language a breeze. Net-Proxy Website Translation Service is a revolutionary alternative to the traditional way of localizing a website, yet it still provides all the benefits of a fully localized website while requiring minimal involvement on your end. Learn more about Net-Proxy by reading our services overview page or start the conversation now by requesting a free quote.
  • Multilingual search engine optimization: help your localized websites achieve your search ranking goals in every language. Available for new or existing foreign-language sites, Net-Translators Multilingual SEO Services take a two-phased approach: each site is optimized for better search visibility, then a strategic program of online activities is developed for making each website the focus of diverse links and online social-media activities.

Why Choose Us

A website is the face and brand of a company. It’s usually the first thing potential customers will see to learn about your business so you simply can’t compromise on quality. Every foreign-language version of your website should also reflect the same high quality you worked so hard to achieve on your English-language site. Our native-speaking, marketing-oriented translators reside in the target countries, so you receive the highest-quality and most-accurate translations possible.

We’ve been translating and localizing websites for over 15 years. We’ve been a part of the evolving technology of website translation, from manual cutting and pasting content into multilingual websites with no content management system to a proxy solution, which is a cloud-based translation management system. The latest website translation technology, called Net-Proxy, does the work for you – you don’t have to send files back and forth, load updates or track projects. As technology evolves, we’ve helped educate our customers about technology, more efficient processes and the art of going global with a website.

Potential customers have to be able to find your website through search engines. With an English website, ranking higher in search engine results can be accomplished by applying search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. International SEO can do the same for the localized websites. We identify keywords in foreign-language markets and then optimize the localized websites for these terms in order to improve the websites’ rankings.

Our world-class Multilingual Testing Center is dedicated to perfecting localized websites. Our testing covers dozens of items related to linguistic, cosmetic and functional testing. We help you deploy foreign-language websites of the same high quality as your English website. Learn more about the Multilingual Testing Center.

Your Website Translation Team

When you choose Net-Translators as a localization partner, you work with a dedicated, experienced team tailored specifically to meet the needs and schedules of your projects. We draw from more than 1500 native-speaking, professional translators from around the globe, including translation experts with specific industry expertise. Our translation team undergoes extensive professional training and examination on an ongoing basis to ensure that you benefit from the strong expertise required to achieve excellent localization.

Your team can include internationalization and localization engineers, industry experts, IT and web specialists, multilingual QA testers and experienced project managers who work efficiently with you to produce consistently accurate results. Every website translation project follows a standardized methodology throughout each step of the process to ensure your project is of high quality and delivered on time.

Guaranteed Quality

TopTenReview Gold

Having high-quality translations is essential to stand out in a global market. It protects your brand, increases your trustworthiness and helps you win and retain customers. To make sure you’re producing the highest possible quality translations, it’s important to follow a consistent, repeatable quality process. Without this in place, quality can be difficult to measure.

Our language team and all of us here at Net-Translators work together with our customers to define quality based on their requirements. We then feed the results of this work into a process that includes qualified, trained reviewers and an error assessment analysis. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our quality process and high-quality work.

ISO 17100 ISO 13485 ISO 9001

Tools & Technology

Localization ToolsAll of Net-Translators’ project teams take optimal advantage of the latest tools and technologies to build and maintain crucial linguistic assets and professional infrastructures such as glossaries, termbases and translation memories. These valuable language assets increase accuracy, maximize translation consistency between languages and project components, reduce human error and preserve language assets for future use ― all contributing to a significant savings in time and cost.

In addition, our growing suite of tools and technologies make the translation and localization process more efficient by automating processes whenever possible, which saves our customers time, money and resources. Our Quality Assurance process, which is built into every translation project, includes tools that automatically check for 40+ linguistic, cosmetic and functional elements.

We use a cloud-based proxy translation management system (TMS) called Net-Proxy to translate website content. Net-Proxy detects changes to website content so there’s minimal involvement on your end. We also work with many TMSs.


Every foreign-language version of your website should reflect the same high-quality you worked so hard to achieve on your English-language site. Localized website testing ensures this goal is met. Net-Translators website testing services cover each category of problem that can occur:

  • Linguistic testing – Typographical, grammatical, cultural-appropriateness, and regional settings
  • Cosmetic testing – Text truncation, line breaking, proper encoding for screen display, accent character spacing, and more
  • Functional testing – Compatibility with localized code pages, text input acceptance, menu functionality, etc.
  • Compatibility – Testing in different browsers to ensure support for all platforms such as Microsoft, Apple, mobile (Android/iPhone), etc.

Net-Translators’ world-class Multilingual Testing Center is dedicated to perfecting localized websites. We help you deploy foreign-language websites of the same quality you worked so hard to achieve in your original source language. Learn more about the Multilingual Testing Center.

Website Translation Services in Over 60 Languages


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