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Video and Multimedia Translation and Localization Services

To reach a global audience, more and more companies are using the power of videos and multimedia platforms to extend their messages as people want to consume content through videos. These assets should be localized for each target language and locale in order to fit the culture and customs of the region or else you may risk alienating your audience. Our team of experienced video, multimedia and in-country translation and localization experts produce professional localized videos for your target global audience and deliver them on a variety of platforms.

  • Translation into over 60 languages
  • Localization of graphics and screenshots
  • Localized video delivery in a variety of file types
  • Audio localization for your target languages


Adam Stewart testimonial“Thank you for the update and your continued commitment to the success of the project. From my heart, I really appreciate all of the extra effort and your ongoing dedication.”

– Adam Stewart, VP Engineering Autotask


Our Services

Whether you need streaming instructional videos, multilingual eLearning modules in a program such as Articulate Storyline, audio clips inside presentations or a movie clip to use for social media marketing, we’ll work with you to provide the best solution for your project needs. Our services include:

  • Video localization
    • Transcript (for Voice-over and Subtitling) – We generate a transcript from the video and then our native-speaking, professional translators localize it. We test the localized transcript without recording it in order to make any necessary final adjustments.
    • Voice-over (VO) / Dubbing
      • Voice-over (VO), also known as dubbing, is where a professional VO specialist will be recorded in the studio using the final localized transcript. Our localization engineers then replace the original VO with the localized version. We can add more than one audio track for those video formats and platforms that support it.
      • Voice-over Inside eLearning Modules or Presentations – There are several options for audio that’s in eLearning modules or presentations, from timed to untimed recordings and hearing-impaired options.
    • Subtitling – Subtitling involves localizing the original VO and placing it on-screen in the form of captions. Our localization engineers make the captions synchronized with the spoken recording.
    • On-screen text translation – If you have words that appear in your video, we’ll translate them and sync them to the localized video. On-screen text localization is tailored to the client’s project needs as there are a variety of possible options.

Why Choose Us

You want the highest-quality, professionally-produced digital assets to represent your business. Producing localized versions of digital assets is a specialized field and you can trust our global team of experts to deliver only the highest-quality products. We’re a one-stop shop: there’s no need to go to separate vendors for video production, video editing and localization. Core benefits include:

  • We recruit and audition native-speaking, professional voice-over specialists to match your project requirements.
  • We’ll provide you with audio samples so you can select the right professionals for your project.
  • Our recording professionals work in teams and we use state-of-the-art linguistic and recording studios to ensure that we produce high-quality and consistent work while still being cost effective.


Your Video and Multimedia Production Team

When you choose Net-Translators as a localization partner, you work with a dedicated, experienced team tailored specifically to meet the needs and schedules of your projects. We draw from more than 1500 native-speaking, professional translators from around the globe, including translation experts with specific industry expertise. Our translation team undergoes extensive professional training and examination on an ongoing basis to ensure that you benefit from the strong expertise required to achieve excellent localization.

Your team can also include video production technicians and editors; native-speaking, professional voice-over specialists; localization engineers; industry experts; multilingual quality assurance (QA) testers and experienced project managers who work efficiently with you to produce consistently accurate results. Every video and multimedia project follows a standardized methodology throughout each step of the process to ensure your project is of high-quality and delivered on time.

Guaranteed Quality

TopTenReview Gold

Having high-quality translations is essential to stand out in a global market. It protects your brand, increases your trustworthiness and helps you win and retain customers. To make sure you’re producing the highest possible quality translations, it’s important to follow a consistent, repeatable quality process. Without this in place, quality can be difficult to measure.
Our language team and all of us here at Net-Translators work together with our customers to define quality based on their requirements. We then feed the results of this work into a process that includes qualified, trained reviewers and an error assessment analysis. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our quality process and high-quality work.

LICSISO 13485ISO 9001

Tools & Technology

Localization ToolsAll of Net-Translators’ project teams take optimal advantage of the latest tools and technologies to build and maintain crucial linguistic assets and professional infrastructures such as glossaries, termbases and translation memories. These valuable language assets increase accuracy, maximize translation consistency between languages and project components, reduce human error and preserve language assets for future use ― all contributing to a significant savings in time and cost.

We have state-of-the-art linguistic and recording tools to produce the highest-quality sound. They include multiple sound booths for localization production; multiple LCD monitors in each booth for lip-syncing; and professional recording, processing and sound equipment. We work with many different file formats such as AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4 and MOV.

Video and Multimedia Translation and Localization Services
in Over 60 Languages

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