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Technical Translations

Reducing Translation Costs Part 2 of 3: Authoring in XML

Authoring in XML is a way to structure content using rules without having to do any formatting. It’s often used in cases where there’s a lot of reusable content, such as in technical documentation. Although there are costs associated with converting content into XML, if you translate a lot of content, or you’re planning to start translating content, it can […]

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Reducing Translation Costs Part 1 of 3: What Is Authoring in XML?

Authoring in XML is a way of writing that focuses on the structure of the content and not the formatting. Using XML is beneficial when you have a lot of content that you can reuse across multiple documents or outputs since you write it once and reuse it. It’s often used to develop technical content like instruction manuals, where the […]

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Is Machine Translation Good Enough?

You might have heard of machine translation (MT) and thought it sounded like an interesting and cost-effective solution. You just throw your content into a machine and it’ll be done quickly and cheaply, right? But what about the quality of the translations? Let’s take a closer look at machine translation. So What Exactly is Machine Translation? Machine translation is software […]

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Do You Need a Better Translation Management System?

You know you emailed a translation project request for a quick start guide in eight languages to your language service provider (LSP), along with several other jobs, but what’s happening with the quick start guide project? You think you emailed the request at least a few weeks ago, and since it was only a small guide, the translations should probably […]

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Meet Manslater: The Best Translation Tool Ever Invented

Communication is an interesting thing. Two people can have a conversation, and although each person speaks, they can both walk away with two very different perceptions of the conversation. The way men and women miscommunicate is often stereotyped through a ton of jokes, books and movie scenes. For example, a woman may say, “I’m fine” when she’s actually upset but […]

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Ever-Evolving: Translation and Localization Technologies and Tools

The translation and localization industry is always evolving, from technology to tools to process enhancements. As you can see in the video below, technology has evolved to the point that two people speaking in different languages can have a real-time conversation. While one person speaks, the device communicates with your phone to translate and transmit the content to the other […]

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Technical Translation Services: Four Reasons Why It’s More Expensive

Technical materials are used in virtually every industry to instruct, advise, educate, sell, and communicate and in this blog post, I’ll explain why translating technical content can be more expensive than other content. Let me start by describing what I mean by “technical translations”. Technical content can be anything related to how to use a product throughout the life cycle […]

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5 Tips on How to Achieve High-Quality Technical Translations

Translating technical content such as Quick Start Guides, installation manuals and operation manuals can be challenging due to the nature of the specialized terminology and information. In this blog post, I’ll describe five steps you can take to improve the quality of your translations and also reduce your costs. Start with a Current State Assessment Do you know the quality […]

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Are Your Customers Reading Your Technical Document Translations?

“Nobody reads our technical documentation”. Have you heard that before? Actually, technical documentation is becoming more and more important to customers. In fact, in a recent poll conducted over a 2-year period by Sharon Burton, Lecturer, Business communication at University of Redlands, Sharon found that approximately 91% of customers read the product instructions. In other words, 9 out of 10 […]

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Empower Your Technical Documentation Team with Culturally Conscious Technical Writers

Are you responsible for preparing localization kits to send to your language service partners? If yes, you know that the process of preparing “LocKits” by including documentation files and optimizing your project for success doesn’t start after the English documentation is complete. With documentation or help files, the process should ideally begin before the technical writers starts writing the source […]

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