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Software Localization Services

High-quality software localization ensures that your software “speaks” the language of your customers. Net-Translators specializes in complete high-quality localization and linguistic testing solutions for software development companies. Whether you’re a budding start-up or an industry giant, we can tailor a complete strategy-to-deployment localization solution that includes the languages, services and level of guidance you need.

  • Over 60 Languages
  • Software Localization Specialists
  • User Interface, Online Help (OLH), & Documentation
  • Multilingual Testing Center
  • Quality Guaranteed


Adam Stewart testimonial“Thank you for the update and your continued commitment to the success of the project. From my heart, I really appreciate all of the extra effort and your ongoing dedication.”

– Adam Stewart, VP Engineering Autotask



Net-Translators’ complete language services portfolio, customer-first approach and dedication to accuracy have earned the trust of industry leaders, measured largely through their highest accolade: repeat business. Whether it’s your first or 101st localization project, Net-Translators offers the guidance and services you need, including:

  • Planning and strategy
    • Internationalization (i18n)
    • Infrastructure consulting
    • Country-by-country regulations review
    • Product deployment strategy
  • Translation/Localization into over 60 languages
  • Production and desktop publishing for online or printed documentation, marketing or other collateral materials
  • Multilingual localization testing
    • Test plan development
    • Comprehensive product testing, including linguistic review, cross-platform functional testing and BiDi functionality testing
    • Options include local testing onsite at your location or at Net Translators’ Multilingual Testing Center
  • More

Net-Translators specializes in customizing language services to the needs of every client and project. If you don’t see the localization services you need, please contact us to discuss how we can tailor a project for you.

Why Choose Us

Localization – the art of translating and adapting content in an accurate and culturally-correct manner – and not just translating words, is critical to going global with your business. Native speakers of the languages that you’re targeting will notice things such as mistakes and inappropriate references, which can harm your business’s reputation and brand. Our linguists are native speakers and reside in the target countries, so you receive the highest-quality and most-accurate translations possible.

Our software localization process includes internationalization, glossary preparation, translation, proofreading, testing, QA and client review. Our meticulous, quality-centered localization process has earned the trust of many software companies all over the globe.

Your Software Localization Team

When you choose Net-Translators as a localization partner, you work with a dedicated, experienced team tailored specifically to meet the needs and schedules of your projects. We draw from more than 1500 native-speaking, professional translators from around the globe, including translation experts with specific industry expertise. Our translation team undergoes extensive professional training and examination on an ongoing basis to ensure that you benefit from the strong expertise required to achieve excellent localization.

Your team can also include internationalization and localization engineers, industry experts, IT and web specialists, multilingual QA testers and experienced project managers who work efficiently with you to produce consistently accurate results. Every software localization project follows a standardized methodology throughout each step of the process to ensure your project is of high quality and delivered on time.

Guaranteed Quality

TopTenReview Gold

Having high-quality translations is essential to stand out in a global market. It protects your brand, increases your trustworthiness and helps you win and retain customers. To make sure you’re producing the highest possible quality translations, it’s important to follow a consistent, repeatable quality process. Without this in place, quality can be difficult to measure.
Our language team and all of us here at Net-Translators work together with our customers to define quality based on their requirements. We then feed the results of this work into a process that includes qualified, trained reviewers and an error assessment analysis. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our quality process and high-quality work.

LICSISO 13485 ISO 9001

Tools & Technology

Localization ToolsAll of Net-Translators’ project teams take optimal advantage of the latest tools and technologies to build and maintain crucial linguistic assets and professional infrastructures such as glossaries, termbases and translation memories. These valuable language assets increase accuracy, maximize translation consistency between languages and project components, reduce human error and preserve language assets for future use ― all contributing to a significant savings in time and cost.

In addition, our growing suite of tools and technologies make the translation and localization process more efficient by automating processes whenever possible, which saves our customers time, money and resources. Our Quality Assurance process, which is built into every translation project, includes tools that automatically check for 40+ linguistic, cosmetic and functional elements.

All popular computer aided translation (CAT) and localization tools are supported on both PC and Mac platforms. Source files are accepted in all industry-standard formats and, as needed, conversion services are available for source documents in unsupported platforms.


One of the biggest challenges when localizing software is translating in the proper context, that is, with the intended application function, audience, and user environment in mind. Context errors are unavoidable which is why comprehensive testing of localized software projects is so important. Net-Translators’ multilingual testing services focus on all areas affected by localization, including software functionality, window/UI design, content messages and websites. They cover every category of problem that can occur: linguistic, cosmetic and functional. Our world-class Multilingual Testing Center is dedicated to delivering products and services in any language at the same level of quality you expect from your own testing team in your original source language. For more information on Net-Translators’ Multilingual Testing Services visit Localization Testing.

Software Localization and Multilingual Testing in Over 60 Languages

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