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Customized Localization Project Team

When you choose Net-Translators as your localization partner, you work with a dedicated, experienced team tailored specifically to meet the needs and schedules of your projects. Each client-focused team combines language specialists and industry experts – translators, editors, reviewers, testers, and more – all focused on the singular task of delivering the highest quality localized product possible. Our work environment fosters open collaboration between team members working in different languages, helping us achieve fast, exceptionally accurate, cost-effective results for every customer.


Our translators are drawn from over 1500 native-speaking predominantly in-country professionals carefully screened for each project. They translate only into their native tongue and live and work in countries where this language is spoken to ensure the translations are up-to-date and relevant to the target locale. Translators are also chosen for their field-specific training or experience to ensure their translations are contextual for the industry or subject-matter focus of a product, website, or device.

After selection, each translator undergoes a thorough qualification process to assess pertinent language skills and subject-matter relevance. Ongoing performance tracking ensures that the level of translation quality remains high.

Copywriters, Editors, and Proofreaders

Every team utilizes the services of a professional proofreader at many stages of the localization process, checking for mistakes, incomplete translations, style inconsistencies, and more. In addition to performing manual checks, proofreaders also take advantage of automatically generated reports to flag suspicious text for further inspection.

For projects requiring original copywriting or editing, industry-relevant writers and editors are available to ensure new content is created and/or edited efficiently, approved quickly then seamlessly integrated at appropriate project stages.

Professional Testers and QA Managers

Localization testing verifies a product’s linguistic, cosmetic and localized functional aspects by thorough inspection and QA in an independent, non-development environment. All testers are professionals who are native-speakers of the language in which they test. They are selected and evaluated regularly for skill level and productivity.

Test engineers consult with clients and localization engineers to review existing test plans and processes, develop new test plans when none exists, and often assist in developing the unique test sets. They also collaborate with the client’s development team as needed to ensure problems encountered in the source language are resolved efficiently.

Subject Matter Experts

Accurate translation can often be very context specific – how a product is used or how a user is addressed may be quite different from one audience or one field to another. Team members can draw on the knowledge of subject-matter experts with specific product, technology, or user background to ensure the industry-specific context and user relevance are preserved. Subject-matter resources include experts in a wide variety of fields ranging from dental implant specialists in Egypt to croupiers in Catalonia.

Localization Engineers

Each project team includes one or more localization engineer responsible for addressing complex technical issues related to internationalization, infrastructure, localization, quality checks, and more. Localization engineers work together with other team members to ensure that all relevant localization issues (language, culture, etc.) are resolved. They work with clients to develop thorough deployment and localization plans and manage the technical aspects of file handoff and conversion. They also consult with QA managers to develop thorough test plans and collaborate with translators to ensure proper tools are utilized and translation assets such as terminology databases and translation memories are created and maintained.

Software Developers

As needed, the Net-Translators team includes software developers to assist in resolving code-level issues that arise on different platforms. They work closely with clients to ensure that source code functionality is maintained.

Web Designers and Developers

The project team can also include web resources – both designers and developers experienced in many web languages and formats. Selected for their technology expertise and subject-matter relevance, a team’s web resources assist in a variety of web-related tasks from creating a localized graphic to fully outsourcing web production.

Desktop Publishers & Related Graphic Design Resources

Localization helps to ensure that the impression your product makes in the target locale is the right one. Nowhere is this more important than in how your documentation looks and works, whether it is online help, online or print documentation, other formatted files, or collaterals. Net-Translators’ desktop publishing and graphic design professionals prepare your online or ready-to-print document files in any target language. All popular publishing and authoring applications and most popular graphics applications are supported on both Macintosh and PC platforms. Our experts can also provide a localization readiness assessment of your chosen tools and documentation.

Project Managers

Each Net-Translators project team is managed by an experienced project manager. The linchpin for the team, the project manager guides all localization team resources, coordinates knowledge sharing between team members and oversees testing in all languages. Project managers are also the real champions for their customers, managing all aspects of the client interface as well as project schedules and budgets.

Internationalization Consultants

Net-Translators’ internationalization consultants specialize in software globalization, offering general guidance or specific technical consultation. With proven expertise in C/C++, .NET, Java, Unicode, and more, they can assist on even the most problematic of issues, such as a right-to-left issue, a CHARSET conversion, a double-byte challenge, and more.

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