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Net-Proxy: A Proxy Translation Management System for Websites

Net-Proxy Translation

Did you decide to translate and localize your website into other languages? Are you afraid of the resulting overhead in managing this project?

Net-Proxy is a cloud-based website translation management system that allows us to translate your website without the need to send files back and forth.

You simply provide us with the URL of your website that you’d like to have translated, and our translation management system and team of localization professionals do the rest. The system even detects changes to the source content and we’ll automatically update the translated pages. You don’t even have to let us know; it’s that simple and convenient for you!

Net-Proxy dramatically reduces your time and cost to manage website translation projects. Some of the Net-Proxy Website Translation Management System benefits include:


  • No Source Files to Send Back and Forth
  • Website Updates Are Automatically Detected, Translated and Implemented
  • Minimal Involvement Required From You
  • Scalable Without the Necessity of Investing in your Infrastructure
  • Reduce Costs by Leveraging your Translation Assets
  • Deploy Updates Quickly
  • Free Quotes Within One Business Day
  • Professional Translations According to Net-Translators Award Winning process

Net-Proxy allows us to mirror your website into any target language, then we’re able to host the localized versions of your website on our servers. Our website translation management software is a revolutionary alternative that provides all the benefits of a fully localized website while requiring minimal involvement on your end. If you are looking to reach a broader target audience by making your website available in multiple languages, but don’t know where to start or are afraid of managing a website translation project, then Net-Proxy may be the right solution for you.

Communicating with potential customers in their native language greatly increases your chance of getting their business. Because of its perceived complexity many businesses still shy away from translating and localizing their website into foreign languages. Net-Translators has now simplified website translation as compared with the traditional way of localizing a website.

Our Net-Proxy Website Translation System is a great fit if:

  • You are looking for a cost-effective, professional website translation and localization solution.
  • You want updates to your website translated and implemented automatically without having to lift a finger.
  • You don’t have the time or resources to manage the translation process or to re-architect your website.
  • You don’t want to host and maintain the translated content on your servers.
  • Your time is better spent doing what you do best rather than worrying about your website translation project.
  • Your IT team has more important tasks to solve than copying and pasting content for translation or fixing truncated text in multiple languages.

Our Net-Proxy Website Translation Management System allows you to focus on your business without having to spend unbillable time to get your multilingual website up and running. Your involvement throughout the setup, translation and management process is minimal while most tasks are performed by us via our web localization tool.

Localizing and translating your website needs to be at the top of your priority list if you are tasked to help grow your business by targeting new foreign markets.

Net-Proxy, our translation management software, will help you get the job done with minimum time spent from your end, on budget and you’ll even get to market in record time. By working with Net-Translators, you’ll team up with an industry leader and one of the most experienced website localization and translation companies on the planet.

Once your multilingual website is up and running, we’ll even take care of detecting revisions to your source content and we’ll seamlessly update your translated pages. Net-Proxy eliminates the daunting tasks associated with managing this process. Tap into our network of globalization experts around the world so that your professionally localized website can start to make a huge impact on the success of your business.


When you choose Net-Translators as a website localization partner, you work with a dedicated and experienced team specifically tailored to meet the needs and schedules of your projects. We draw from more than 1500 native-speaking translators around the globe including translation experts with industry specific expertise. Because they translate only into their native language, you can be sure that their translation is accurate and specifically localized for your target audience. This includes grammar nuances, cultural sensitivities, and other language quirks that can make the difference between great content and embarrassing mistakes. Your team will also include internationalization and localization engineers, industry experts, professional testers, IT and web specialists, and experienced project managers who work efficiently with you to produce consistently accurate results. All projects follow a standardized methodology ensuring that every step is as efficient as possible with no sacrifices to quality.

Commitment to Excellence

Net-Translators is dedicated to providing translation and localization services of the highest quality, at competitive prices, with quick turnaround times. Voted as the No. 1 translation services provider by TopTenREVIEWS™ for five years in a row, we pride ourselves on reliability and are committed to exceeding expectations on every project. We guarantee that the translations and localized products we produce are of the highest quality available anywhere in the world.

Net-Translators’ commitment to exceeding our customers expectations is backed by our guarantee that we produce the highest quality localized websites available anywhere in the world at competitive pricing.

Our Net-Proxy Website Translation Management System is the optimal solution if you are looking for a hands-off approach requiring minimal involvement from your end. Compared to the more traditional website localization approach, your multilingual website will be up and running faster. However, the traditional process may be a better fit for your needs if you are looking to host the localized content on your own servers and if you’d like to retain control over updating and maintaining the translated content. Net-Proxy eliminates the need for you to upgrade your hosting infrastructure or to allocate resources that you could use elsewhere.

Net-Proxy: Website Translation Made Easy

When we say “Website Translation Made Easy”, we mean it! With Net-Proxy it couldn’t be easier to translate and maintain your website in foreign languages. You don’t have to inform us when you make updates to your website. One of the biggest benefits of Net-Proxy is that the system automatically detects changes; the corresponding localized web pages will be updated automatically without the need to notify us.

Here’s how you get started:

  • All we need from you is the URL of the source website so we can analyze the scope and content.
  • You let us know if you want to exclude certain sections or even just some pages from translation.
  • We welcome already localized websites that require additional target languages. We can simply migrate existing content over to our servers.
  • We will gladly accept and work with your existing Translation Memories (TM) in order to reduce translation costs and to ensure consistency with your existing translated assets.
  • In some cases, we need access to native image files (e.g. Photoshop, InDesign etc. files) so we can recreate localized images that contain text.
  • The localized versions of your website reside on our secure servers so you don’t have to worry about upgrading your IT infrastructure.

Net-Proxy is a revolutionary, efficient and easy approach to taking your website global and you can expect to receive quotes within one business day or less. Interested in learning more about Net-Proxy or ready to request a quote? Contact us today; we’re here to help.

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