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Medical Translation

Medical Translations: 5 Tools You Can Use to Reduce Costs

Most countries mandate that documentation and labeling associated with medical devices must be translated into the local language(s). Depending on the size of the global markets, that could result in many documents and languages. In addition, quality is of the utmost importance as there is zero tolerance for errors in medical translations since mistakes could cause harm or even death. […]

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Best Wishes for 2018 and a Quick Look Back at 2017

Warmest greetings and best wishes for 2018 from all of us here at Net-Translators! We’ve had a busy year with new service offerings, continued growth, many new hires and other exciting news! We are frequently recognized as a top translation company and this is only possible because our staff is delivering as promised and our customers see the value in working […]

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Risk Management in Medical Device Translation Services

Translating medical content inaccurately can have serious consequences. As described in an article entitled “In The Hospital, A Bad Translation Can Destroy A Life,” Willie Ramirez was brought to a hospital in a coma. His family used the word “intoxicado” to describe Willie’s condition. The word in Spanish means you ingested something—food, drugs or anything that can make you sick. The […]

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Reducing Translation Costs Part 3 of 3: A Technical Translation Use Case

This is our third and final article in a series of blogs about authoring in XML. In our first blog post, we covered what XML is and use cases for it, as well as advantages and tools needed. In our second blog post, we described how authoring in XML can help reduce your technical translation costs by eliminating costly and time-consuming desktop […]

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Reducing Translation Costs Part 2 of 3: Authoring in XML

Authoring in XML is a way to structure content using rules without having to do any formatting. It’s often used in cases where there’s a lot of reusable content, such as in technical documentation. Although there are costs associated with converting content into XML, if you translate a lot of content, or you’re planning to start translating content, it can […]

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Reducing Translation and Authoring Costs by Switching to a Content Reuse Platform

Although it might seem surprising these days that we still need to explain why content reuse platforms are good for business, it never hurts to repeat the well-tested truth. All businesses seek cost reduction, and that is exactly what content reuse does. It drives down authoring and review time, and publishing and localization cost and effort, while assuring consistency of your […]

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How Phone Interpreting Services Can Benefit the Medical Industry

If you’re in the medical industry, whether it’s in healthcare, health insurance, pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturing or another business, chances are pretty great that you encounter non-English speakers or people with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) on a regular basis. And in the fast-paced medical industry, most likely you need to urgently communicate with your customers. Without some kind of interpreter, […]

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Meet Net-Translators: An Interview with Co-Founder Shy Avni

An Interview by Lee Stein, Vice President of Operations at Net-Translators I recently asked Shy Avni, the co-founder of Net-Translators, if he’d be willing to share in his own words who Net-Translators is, what we do and what makes our professional localization and translation company unique. Shy was a good sport and our interview is captured below. I hope that […]

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4 Tips On How to Select a Medical Translation Company

If you’re a medical company or medical-device manufacturer and need to localize your content for a global market, you want to select a language service provider (LSP) who specializes in the medical industry. Accurate translations are imperative for the medical world, and because of their complex nature, you should partner with an LSP who can provide the certifications, quality processes, […]

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Is Machine Translation Good Enough?

You might have heard of machine translation (MT) and thought it sounded like an interesting and cost-effective solution. You just throw your content into a machine and it’ll be done quickly and cheaply, right? But what about the quality of the translations? Let’s take a closer look at machine translation. So What Exactly is Machine Translation? Machine translation is software […]

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