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Medical Translation Services

To compete effectively in a global marketplace, accurate, high-quality medical translations are a core requirement. Whether you are localizing documentation to accompany your product into worldwide deployment, translating patient data, or preparing clinical research reports for publication, Net-Translators Medical Translation services include everything you need to produce localized medical documents of the highest quality in the world.

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • ISO 17100:2015 certified
  • ISO 13485:2003 certified
  • Over 60 languages
  • Customer-focused service
  • Professional medical translators
  • Quality guaranteed


“My team has been very happy with the translations we have received thus far. A big relief from working with our previous translation vendor.”

– Meredith Steffen, Marketing and Sales Coordinator TeDan Surgical Innovations


Whether your medical documents are your product or just one component of a product release, Net-Translators Medical Translation services can help you deliver high-quality:

  • documentation such as getting started guides, user guides, reference guides, installation manuals, etc.
  • software components such as user interfaces and online help. See Software Localization.
  • instruction and training materials such as instructions for use (IFUs), informed consent forms (ICFs), training manuals, primers, etc.
  • product materials such as data sheets, product literature, packaging, product labels, doctor or patient instructions, etc.
  • research documents such as technical papers, reports, dossiers, regulatory documents, registration documents, expert reports, pharmaceutical documents, etc.

image05We offer both the language services and regulatory guidance you need to take your projects from strategy to deployment including:

  • Strategy & preparation
    • Regulatory review
    • Project assessment and planning
    • Source preparation, content analysis
    • Building/updating language assets such as translation memories (TMs), glossaries, and termbases
  • Translation into over 60 languages
  • Localization of graphics and screenshots
  • Desktop publishing and quality checks
  • Delivery of ready-to-deploy materials in print or digital form

Net-Translators also provides complete software localization services for medical-device manufacturers. See Software Localization.

Why Choose Us

Why Net-Translators? For over a decade, medical companies and medical-device manufacturers have come to us to help them translate medical documents and localize medical-device software, and navigate the strict regulations for each target country. Our meticulous, quality-centered methodology consistently achieves accurate results, earning the trust and repeat business of some of the world’s largest medical companies and medical-device manufacturers. We are also one of the few translation companies holding certification for ISO 13485:2003, ensuring medical projects are handled in compliance with this rigorous industry standard. And Net-Translators was ranked No. 1 in Translation Services by independent market research firm, TopTenREVIEWs, for five years in a row.

We are Medical Translation specialists

Specialized fields require specialized knowledge and experience, and nowhere is this more true than the medical industry. Net-Translators’ translation staff are true professionals recruited directly from the medical industry, many with years of experience producing medical-related documentation in their native language.

The latest tools and language assets

Medical translation is also characterized by a heavy reliance on technical terminology and a need for accuracy and consistency across product components and languages. All Net-Translators project teams use the latest tools and technologies to work efficiently and accurately. They take optimal advantage of the latest tools for building and maintaining crucial linguistic assets and professional infrastructures such as glossaries, termbases and translation memories (TMs). These valuable language assets increase accuracy, maximize translation consistency between languages and project components, reduce human error, and preserve language assets for future use ― all contributing to a significant savings in time and cost.

All popular computer aided translation (CAT) and localization tools are supported on both PC and Mac platforms. Source files are accepted in all industry-standard formats and, as needed, conversion services are available for source documents in unsupported platforms.

Guaranteed Quality

In any industry, poor grammar and inaccurate translations can deliver the message that your company puts quality second, potentially eroding your brand’s reputation. But in the medical industry, where inaccuracy can potentially jeopardize health or life, quality and accuracy in medical translations are not just important, they are imperative. But quality is neither an accident nor a coincidence, it is achieved through a close collaboration of a team of language professionals and specialists and a structured quality-focused methodology that leverages the latest tools, standards and best practices.

That’s why Net-Translators employs hundreds of medical translators across the globe who are native speakers of their country’s primary language and specialists in the specific medical fields. After your project is assigned to a translator, our language team works closely with you to ensure we capture all of your documentation’s nuances and deliver a final product that is 100% accurate. We stake our reputation on it.

Regulatory Expertise

Whether you’re doing business in Europe, Asia, or elsewhere in the world, medical-industry regulations are both strict and specific to a country or region. Having a language ‘partner’ who specializes in medical regulatory compliance can help you navigate the many and disparate requirements for each country. Net-Translators’ expertise in medical regulations provides the guidance you need to produce localized documentation of the highest quality in conformance to local regulations, while staying on schedule and budget.


Professional medical translators services,
ISO certified with over 60 languages!

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