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Localization Testing Services

localization testing

There is more to localization than the actual translation. Whether or not you use Net-Translators for your content translation, you can still benefit from our professional multilingual QA labs.

Our service offerings allow software publishers and localization houses to achieve excellence in over 30 languages. The multilingual services that we offer focus on all areas affected by localization, including software functionality, documentation and help files, window/UI design, content messages, and websites.

Multilingual testing – What it includes

Our testing services include coverage of each category of problem types that can occur:

  • Linguistic testing – Typographical, grammatical, cultural-appropriateness, and regional settings.
  • Cosmetic testing – Text truncation, line breaking, proper encoding for screen display, accent character spacing, and more.
  • Functional testing – Compatibility with localized code pages, text input acceptance, menu functionality, string manipulation, etc.

The need for language-specific quality assurance

Multilingual software brings with it a variety of quality concerns that need to be addressed. If your software has been translated into Spanish, German, Chinese, Hungarian, and Arabic, you must assure that it is working properly.

  • If my name is Günter, will the ü be accepted as an input character?
  • Do the shortcut keys work as expected in Chinese?
  • Does your software make sense to a user in Arabic? In English, the label is on the left, the input field on the right. In Arabic, they should be reversed, and the tab order should be from right to left.
  • Are help files and text in graphics translated correctly? Do links and cross-references still point to the correct places?
  • Do title bars still fit within their window borders?
  • Are labels still aligned and placed correctly with respect to their input fields?
  • Does the software work correctly with local currency?
  • Are there duplicate hot keys in a single dialog box?

The sheer volume of potential problems that can occur in localized software calls for professional multilingual QA that is experienced in finding these errors.

Localization Testing Team

Our multilingual localization testing center

We stand out in our commitment to performing all testing under one roof. Localization testing requires professional knowledge and careful control of the IT environment: clean machines, workstations, and servers with local operating systems, local default code pages, and regional settings within a controlled system configuration are only a few reasons. Moreover, the knowledge and experience gathered from testing one localized version can provide ready solutions that may be needed in other versions and locales, as well. A single project manager manages the QA of all language versions and can coordinate knowledge sharing as needed.

Contact us today to take the next step in making your multilingual software great!


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