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Web Panel Discussion: Predictions for the Localization Industry in 2014 and Beyond

Anna Navarro Schlegel, Director of Globalization Programs Strategy Office at NetApp and Loy Searle, most recently Head of Global Localization Production at Google joined Net-Translators’ CEO Gal Yissar in discussing predictions for the localization industry in 2014 and beyond. The Web Panel is intended for localization and globalization industry managers and provides a high-level overview of hot topics and trends in our industry that impact strategy, operations, and processes in tomorrow’s global enterprise.

Moderated by Chris Raulf of Piste Group, our expert panel focuses on three main topics in this 60-minute online session:

Tomorrow’s Global Enterprise: Most large companies today are striving to achieve ‘global enterprise’ status. Our speakers have implemented globalization strategies and processes at companies such as VMware, Yahoo!, Google and NetApp, and address benefits of centralization, automation, and integration in their respective global enterprises. They also address how the roles of Localization Project Managers, Program Managers, and other team members are changing along with new processes.

Focus on Client-Vendor Partnerships: Companies like Google and NetApp sell services to B2B and/or B2C customers. A truly global enterprise offers content in the native languages where those products and services are sold. Solid, creative partnerships between clients and L10n vendors will become more and more important, as the amount of content requiring localization increases, and faster turnaround and smaller content “chunks” are transferred to and from each side. Both vendor and client will need to work together to maximize efficiency and ROI so both will remain profitable.

Leveraging New Technologies in the Global Enterprise: Global content localization needs are shifting and changing. New technologies will support faster time to market and streamlined communications and deliverables. Our panel addresses machine translation improvements, cloud-based CMS tools, and how they customize their processes to the type of content they are localizing.


About the Panelists:

Anna Navarro SchlegelAnna Navarro Schlegel
Director of Globalization Programs Strategy Office at NetApp

Anna Navarro Schlegel, a native of Catalonia, has been in the localization arena since the early days of localization at Cisco. Anna is currently Director of Globalization Programs Strategy Office at NetApp and has managed globalization teams at Cisco, Xerox, VMware and VeriSign. Her teams at NetApp manage the company’s globalization strategy as well as all international disciplines from integrated marketing programs to product globalization engineering to channel, sales, legal and support programs. Anna is co-founder and Chairwoman of Women in Localization, a 1000+ member, nonprofit association that mentors women in the globalization profession.


Loy Searle

Loy Searle
most recently Head of Global Localization Production at Google

Loy Searle most recently led global localization production at Google where the mission was to “Bring Google’s Magic to the World.” She has been a leader in the localization industry for nearly 20 years leading in-house, blended and fully outsourced client-side localization organizations. In her previous roles leading localization in the enterprise resource planning industry at Mincom and JD Edwards, her teams pioneered single-sourcing content strategies and built extraordinary integrated global content management and terminology solutions. At Google – it was all about doing it at speed and scale.


Gal Yissar

Gal Yissar
CEO at Net-Translators

Gal Yissar has served as Chief Executive Officer at Net-Translators since 2008. Mr. Yissar leverages a multifaceted understanding of the localization industry as well as deep expertise in strategic management and operational business processes to guide the company’s growth toward global localization leadership. One of Net-Translators’ first employees, Mr. Yissar joined the company in 2004 as Vice President of Professional Services. Mr. Yissar’s move to Net-Translators was preceded by 10 years of diverse experience in senior management positions in Israel’s high-tech industry.

About the Moderator:


Chris Raulf

Chris Raulf, a native of Switzerland, is a 15-year veteran of the internationalization and localization industries. Chris earned a Swiss Federal Diploma in Business and Marketing and traveled all over the world before settling in Boulder, CO. He founded and owns Boulder SEO Marketing, a Colorado-based Internet marketing firm, and recently co-founded Piste Group, a strategic sales and marketing consulting firm. He still enjoys organizing localization-related industry events.



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