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Localization and Internationalization at Twitter and Pinterest

Are you a content globalization pro, a localization manager or member of a global team? Do you plan or manage content marketing localization for your company, or want to learn about this field? If yes, then this Web Panel is for you.

This presentation features a fascinating conversation with Silvia Oviedo Lopez, Manager, International Product and Operations at Pinterest and Matt Winfield, Senior Localization Project Manager at Twitter about the localization and global management of social media content.

Moderated by David Sommer, Director of Strategic Operations at Net-Translators and Chris Raulf of Boulder SEO Marketing, the Web Panel is centered around these three topic areas:

  • Localization Strategy for Social Media Networks
    • How does L10n for social networks differ from “conventional” industries
    • Choosing top tier markets for translation
    • Building a localization team or department
    • Adaptation of content for each locale or culture
    • Addressing i18n issues before L10n
  • Handling Content
    • Choosing content to localize
    • How mobile content is handled differently
    • Strategies for handling speed and volume requirements
    • Content relevance using human evaluation: A/B Testing
  • Crowdsourcing or Community Translation
    • Risks and benefits
    • Motivating top notch quality among volunteers
    • Community management and content moderation
    • Quality assurance techniques
    • Off the shelf tools and homemade tools



About the Panelists and MODERATORS:

Silvia OviedoSilvia Oviedo

Manager, International Product and Operations at Pinterest

Silvia Oviedo manages International Product and Operations at Pinterest, where she focuses on growing Pinterest’s international footprint. Since the beginning of her career she has managed communities, content, localization and internationalization at companies such as Yahoo!, eBay and Pinterest. For a while, she also ran her own Internationalization consulting company. She studied Translation and Interpreting at Universidad Complutense in Madrid and Strategic Decision and Risk Management at Stanford. She has a passion for moving fast and making things happen.


Matthew Winfield

Matthew Winfield
Senior Localization Project Manager at Twitter

Matthew Winfield leads Twitter’s consumer product localization team, which manages the localization of all consumer-facing web and mobile products, including Vine. Before joining Twitter in 2011, he worked at the California Digital Library, UC Press, and Oxford University Press.


David Sommer

David Sommer
Director of Strategic Operations at Net-Translators

David Sommer serves as Director of Strategic Operations, responsible for driving key company initiatives in process improvement, quality, and cost reduction. Previously, Mr. Sommer held the position of Senior Localization Project Manager. He joined the company in 2004. Prior to Net-Translators, Mr. Sommer was Marketing and Sales Manager at the Software Testing Labs of the Standards Institution of Israel.


Chris Raulf

Chris Raulf
Founder and President of Boulder SEO Marketing

Chris Raulf,a native of Switzerland, is a 15-year veteran of the internationalization and localization industries. Chris earned a Swiss Federal Diploma in Business and Marketing and traveled all over the world before settling in Boulder, CO. He founded and owns Boulder SEO Marketing, a Colorado-based Internet marketing firm, and recently co-founded Piste Group, a strategic sales and marketing consulting firm. He still enjoys organizing localization-related industry events.




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