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Content Strategy and Localization of Yahoo’s Help Content

Initially founded in 1994, Yahoo has grown into a global company that helps users around the world find what they are looking for. The website’s interface is available in 40 languages and every year Yahoo authors and publishes millions of English words to its site, with the majority of the content being localized into other languages.

As with other software applications, Yahoo’s users turn to the website’s help systems for support. Help systems not only provide a user with the needed information, they are also a key component in reducing the need for a user to call the company for help. Think about it this way, companies spend on average $20 per call to their help line, which can equate to 1000s of dollars each day. Although often treated as an afterthought, a well maintained help system, with content available in multiple languages, can save a company millions of dollars each year.

In this complimentary 60-minute presentation, Chris Todd, Senior Manager of Global Knowledge Management at Yahoo, shared his help content strategy used at Yahoo to provide self-support content for millions of customers each month across the globe in numerous languages.

Strategies can come in all shapes and sizes. Learn how Chris’ 5 + 10 content strategy helped him meet these desired outcomes:

  • Help customers help themselves!
  • Control expenses while serving multiple languages across multiple regions.
  • Publish content that meets Marketing’s approval.

Easy, right? Chris delved into each of these topics as he shared how he executed his strategy:

  • Write once for everyone, everywhere.
  • Get input from and feedback across the organization.
  • Improve through data analysis and feedback.
  • Commit to a translation and localization strategy.
  • Managed and executed by the right people.
  • Follow-thru on content principles.

David Sommer, Director of Strategic Operations at Net-Translators, discussed help systems localization best practices from the vendor-side of view.

This webinar targets localization and translation professionals involved in software, web apps and online help localization projects and anyone who wants to learn more about this topic.


Chris Todd

Chris Todd
Senior Manager of Global Knowledge Management at Yahoo

Chris Todd is a Senior Manager of Global Knowledge Management at Yahoo, where he focuses on delivering global help content for Yahoo products. After successful journeys with Xerox, Oracle, and Mentor Graphics, Chris joined Yahoo in 2012, bringing his 20+ years experience in delivering world-class, customer self-service help content. Throughout his career, Chris has worn many hats – leader, manager, coach, programmer, project manager, writer, analyst, and strategist. Chris can be found on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisdottodd/ and on Twitter at @CHRISdotTODD.


David Sommer

David Sommer
Director of Strategic Operations at Net-Translators

David Sommer serves as Director of Strategic Operations, responsible for driving key company initiatives in process improvement, quality, and cost reduction. Previously, Mr. Sommer held the position of Senior Localization Project Manager. He joined the company in 2004. Prior to Net-Translators, Mr. Sommer was Marketing and Sales Manager at the Software Testing Labs of the Standards Institution of Israel.


Chris RaulfChris Raulf
Founder and President of Boulder SEO Marketing

Chris Raulf, a native of Switzerland, is a 15-year veteran of the internationalization and localization industries. Chris earned a Swiss Federal Diploma in Business and Marketing and traveled all over the world before settling in Boulder, CO. He founded and owns Boulder SEO Marketing, a Colorado-based digital marketing firm, which was recently added to the “Top 30 SEO Agencies” list by Readz. He still enjoys organizing and participating in localization-related industry events.



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