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Ready to dig deeper into the localization industry, resources, quality, and skills? Then don’t miss another webinar or web panel discussion! Get all the details on upcoming sessions, learn more about presenters, and even replay past webinar broadcasts. Upcoming webinars require registration, so be sure to click through the registration link to sign up for new sessions.

How to get localization and testing for medical devices done right

If you work for a medical device manufacturing company, you know how important it is to thoroughly test your software in order to produce the highest-quality product possible. Additionally, if you sell your products into a global market, you also know how critical it is to accurately localize the content for your international audience.
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Localization Quality Challenges at Netflix, eBay and Tableau Software: An Online Roundtable Discussion

First impressions are critical and you won’t make a great impression by flooding the market with low-quality localized and translated assets. With tight budgets and demands for high-quality content, you may be out of ideas to make things better. Yet there must be a better way to handle the whole translation and localization quality process.
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HP Enterprise Software’s Bespoke UI Localization Process

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software (HPE SW) releases over 30 localized products in over 18 languages on a yearly basis. Their development teams are dispersed globally and employ different software architectures and development processes. The central globalization group is responsible for the localization process across product units.
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Treasure Hunting: How to Find ROI in Software Localization

As the truly global professional that you are you want to see your products be successful in non-English speaking markets. Depending on your product you will decide what languages to pick, and what countries to enter first. Once you embark in this adventure, you will need to think through how you will show the return of your investment. Even if you are not asked, showing ROI always rocks, and it is impressive. The program dollars you invest, the people you invest, the time you invest needs to pay off!
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Optimizing Your Multilingual Website for Search with ISEO

Communicating with potential customers in their native language is crucial to increasing the chance of getting their business. Yet, many businesses still shy away from translating and localizing their website into foreign languages because of its perceived complexity. And if businesses decide to localize and translate their website into new target languages, they unfortunately often neglect to properly optimize the multilingual versions for Google search.
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Managing Source Terminology Even if You Don’t Translate

Even if you don’t translate your content, properly managing your terminology is a critical step to ensure consistency throughout your content and provide a high-quality end user experience. And if you are involved in localization, then you know that the success of your translation project heavily depends on the proper management of terminology. Miss-managing terminology can not only delay global product launches but in certain industries, such as the medical and pharmaceutical fields, miss-managing and miss-translating terminology can lead to devastating results.
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Content Strategy and Localization of Yahoo’s Help Content

Initially founded in 1994, Yahoo has grown into a global company that helps users around the world find what they are looking for. The website’s interface is available in 40 languages and every year Yahoo authors and publishes millions of English words to its site, with the majority of the content being localized into other languages.
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Web Panel Discussion: Localization Evolution in Documentation – Managing Technical Documentation Localization at Micro Motion and Adobe

Moderated by David Sommer, Director of Strategic Operations at Net-Translators and Chris Raulf of Boulder SEO Marketing, this online panel is ideal for those who manage or support technical publications and communications divisions with content authoring and localization.
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Localization and Internationalization at Twitter and Pinterest

Are you a content globalization pro, a localization manager or member of a global team? Do you plan or manage content marketing localization for your company, or want to learn about this field? If yes, then this Web Panel is for you.
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Web Panel Discussion: The Win-Win Benefits of Great Global Product Design

On Tuesday, January 28, Teresa Marshall, Director of Localization at salesforce.com and Daniel Goldschmidt, Manager of World-Readiness (internationalization) Team in Cloud and Services Division at Microsoft Corporation joined moderators David Sommer, Director of Strategic Operations at Net-Translators and Chris Raulf of Boulder SEO Marketing for Net-Translators’ first 2014 Web Panel. Net-Translators has hosted six educational online events in 2013 and kicked off 2014 by inviting two high-profile industry experts to share how they utilize their globalization backgrounds to build systems that maximize team productivity and company revenue.
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Web Panel Discussion: Predictions for the Localization Industry in 2014 and Beyond

On Tuesday, November 5, 2013, Anna Navarro Schlegel, Director of Globalization Programs Strategy Office at NetApp and Loy Searle, most recently Head of Global Localization Production at Google joined Net-Translators’ CEO Gal Yissar in discussing predictions for the localization industry in 2014 and beyond. The Web Panel is intended for localization and globalization industry managers and provides a high-level overview of hot topics and trends in our industry that impact strategy, operations, and processes in tomorrow’s global enterprise.
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Web Panel Discussion: Mobile Apps and Games Internationalization and Localization Best Practices

Whether you’re on a team currently localizing mobile apps or games, or know you are likely to be someday, you’ll want to hear what our panelists have to say about this truly unique genre of localization. Though mobile apps and games might appear ‘small’ with fewer requirements (and headaches) than a 100,000-word software release, they are exacting projects that test even the most skilled linguists, project managers, engineers, and QA techs.
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Web Panel Discussion: A Look Behind the Scenes – Internationalization and Localization at Adobe and Intel

The successful release of a localized product requires expertise, resources, tools, processes and much, much more. As localization manager you are juggling multiple projects at once (and they’re all high priority; right?) and your main job is to manage the process of delivering a product that not only looks and feels as if it was created in its target language but you also need to deliver on time and within the allocated budget.
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Top 5 Tips to Enhance Your Terminology Management IQ: Strategies from the Field

Does your company manufacture or develop medical devices, pharmaceuticals or other biotechnology products? Seasoned localization professionals know that high-quality, accurate translations are mission-critical for regulatory requirements and patient health.
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Advanced Localization for Technical Communicators

Get a better understanding of software localization and your place in this complex process. Complete the form below to view this webinar with David Sommer, Net-Translators Director of Strategic Operations, covering a wide range of relevant topics.
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