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Localization Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers

Government regulations, industry standards, regional IT preferences, and variations in medical procedures can make localization a daunting task for any medical-device manufacturer. And software localization itself is a highly iterative process requiring enormous attention to detail. Combined, these complexities make the selection of an experienced, knowledgeable software localization partner crucial.

Net-Translators specializes in localization services for the medical-device industry. Together, our reputation for thoroughness and quality, ISO certification for the medical industry, and extensive experience working with medical industry leaders make us unique in our ability to deliver language services of the highest quality available while helping you navigate the many and varied requirements of this intricate, accuracy critical process.

Services Overview

Net-Translators’ complete language services portfolio, customer-first approach and dedication to accuracy have gained the trust of many leaders in the medical-device industry. We work together with each company to tailor a complete strategy-to-deployment solution that includes planning, language services, and the level of guidance you need to shepherd products from source-language preparation through worldwide launch. Net-Translators can assist you with:

  • Strategy & preparation
    • Country-by-country regulatory review
    • Project assessment and planning
    • Source preparation, content analysis
    • Building/updating language assets such as translation memories (TMs), glossaries, and termbases
  • Translation & localization into over 60 languages
    • Translation readiness assessment
    • Translation/localization of documentation, software, instruction and training materials, product materials, research documents, and more
  • Production and desktop publishing for online or printed documentation, marketing or other collateral materials, including layout and design available for target locales for data sheets patents, registration documents, regulatory documents, expert reports, dossiers etc.
  • Multilingual localization testing
    • test plan development
    • comprehensive product testing, including linguistic review, cross-platform functional testing and BiDi functionality testing
    • options include local testing onsite at customer location or in Net-Translators Multilingual Testing Center
  • Website localization
  • And more

ISO 13485 Certified and other industry certifications

ISO 13485 compliance is an important step in meeting European regulatory requirements for medical-device manufacturers. Net-Translators’ ISO 13485:2003 certification guarantees that services are performed in compliance with the exceptionally rigid requirements of this quality standard. Net-Translators is also ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038 certified ensuring compliance of quality management systems in procedures not specific to medical applications.

Accuracy trusted by industry leaders

Medical translation and medical-device localization are specialized areas where small mistakes can lead to immeasurable consequences for medical professionals and patients. In every project – large or small, one language or 60 – our goal is always 100% accuracy and exceeded expectations. Net-Translators’ reputation for thoroughness and quality is known and trusted by medical-device manufacturers, clinicians, and researchers around the world – from small local firms to market leaders. Read testimonials from satisfied customers.

Our team is your team

When you choose Net-Translators as a localization partner, you work with a dedicated, experienced team assembled specifically to meet the needs and schedules of your projects. Our more than 1500 translators are located around the globe, each in the country where their language of expertise is the native language spoken. Our medical translators have been engaged in medical-related fields for a variety of product types and businesses for many years, ensuring that your project benefits from their medical expertise as well as their language skills. Your team also includes localization engineers, medical industry experts, professional testers, IT and web specialists, and experienced project managers, who work efficiently to meet deadlines and produce consistently accurate results.

Unique, collaborative process

The consistency and accuracy of Net-Translators’ localization services are, in large part, the result of our unique staffing models, workflows refined by years of experience and strict adherence to ISO and other quality assurance standards. Our work environment fosters open collaboration between team members working in different languages, helping us achieve fast, exceptionally accurate, cost-effective translations.

Medical translation is a specialized area characterized by a heavy reliance on technical terminology and a need for accuracy and consistency across product components and languages. Our project teams use the latest tools and technologies to help you build and maintain crucial linguistic and professional infrastructures such as termbases and translation memories. These valuable assets save time, maximize consistency between languages and projects, and are critical to adhering to correct processes in this highly specialized discipline.

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