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Multilingual Localization Testing Center

Your team works for months, sometimes years, to design, develop, and test the source-language version of a new product, whether it’s a software application, medical device, website, game controller, etc. Every foreign-language release deserves the same care and attention. High-quality localization aims to let every customer, in every country, experience your product as if it was created in their language for their way of living, working, and thinking. Localization testing ensures that these goals are met:

  • Is the translation correct and contextual?
  • Does the product work properly and deliver the same functionality in each language?
  • Has it been thoroughly adapted to the language, customs, culture, and locale of the target customers?
  • Does it achieve the desired impact and convey the appropriate brand messaging?

One-of-a-kind Multilingual Localization Testing Center

Net-Translators’ world-class Localization Testing Center is dedicated to perfecting localized products. We help you deliver products and services in any language at the same level of quality you expect from your own QA team in your original source language.

Located in the heart of Israel’s Silicon Valley, the state-of-the-art center takes advantage of its geographic and demographic location to attract a rich pool of highly qualified professional testers. The Center supports testing of up to 32 languages in-house and over 60 languages through a broad network of in-country experts. This unique controlled facility is equipped and staffed solely for testing, creating an extraordinarily productive environment for coordinating product testing in multiple languages.

Our team is your team

Your QA team verifies your product’s functionality and quality through independent inspection and testing in a non-development environment. The Center offers you this same independent perspective in a managed third-party environment. The consistency and high accuracy of our testing services are a result of our unique staffing and organizational models.

  • All testers are professionals who are native-speakers of the language they test. They are evaluated regularly for skill level and productivity.
  • Test engineers work with you to review existing test plans and processes or develop new test plans when none exist.
  • Localization engineers are readily available for questions and troubleshooting.
  • A dedicated project manager oversees testing of all languages in a project and coordinates knowledge sharing as needed.
  • Testers stay in contact with your development team to ensure problems encountered in the source language are resolved efficiently.

Localization testing also requires careful control of the IT environment: clean machines, workstations and servers with local operating systems, local default code pages, the ability to control and configure regional settings within a system configuration, and more. The Center’s dedicated IT staff manage the test environment, handle infrastructure issues, and keep tools up to date, enabling testing personnel to concentrate on … testing! They are also invaluable consultants and troubleshooters during the testing process when IT-related issues arise.

The Center’s highly synergistic multilingual environment facilitates knowledge sharing across languages. Problem solving that occurs while testing one language often provides ready solutions that may be needed in others, ultimately achieving highly accurate and consistent results in all languages.

Net-Translators QA Model

The Center adheres to the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) QA Model 3.1, a tool which assists in managing the QA process and encompasses all of the localization components of a product. The QA Model is the product of collaborative efforts from LISA members, localization services providers, software and hardware developers, and end-users.

Localization Testing Services

Testing services include all parts of the product or materials affected by localization such as; user interface, user manuals and other documentation, online help, marketing materials, training materials, and more.

Net-Translators Testing Center core services include:

  • Pseudo-translation of product components prior to translation to detect and resolve issues in source materials that will impede localization.
  • Thorough verification of all product functionality (functional testing).
  • Ensuring translations are correct and contextual (linguistic testing).
  • Adapting or adjusting cosmetic issues created by translated or localized content (cosmetic testing).
  • Desktop publishing – to make adjustments to documentation or other materials as needed.
  • Validating all localized documentation by using it to operate the localized software or website (document verification).
  • Ensuring language assets are created and maintained for each project, such as keeping translation glossaries up-to-date.

Additional services are available for companies with special testing requirements, including:

  • Consulting with customer’s in-house development, documentation, website, and QA teams to prepare for downstream localization testing.
  • Field testing of products in their natural environment, for example when products are too large or heavy to be moved, when product facilities have special environmental requirements, or when installations are secure.
  • Capturing and preparing screenshots for manuals and other material.

Customers can also take advantage of a broad network of in-country experts for content-specific consulting services such as product design validation. When design feedback is received early on in the design process, it can vastly improve a product’s chances for success.

For more information on testing services, visit Localization Testing.


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