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Top Translation Services Company, Net-Translators, Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

In September 2017, we celebrated our 15th anniversary here at Net-Translators! Since it’s such a rewarding and happy occasion, we celebrated with a special company event. The day began  with light refreshments in a luxury villa in the mountains around Jerusalem. This was followed by an ATV tour of the Judaean Mountains which included a wine and cheese tasting at a boutique winery with a history of its own. The evening was capped with a delicious BBQ dinner, games, music, and of course, cake. It was a fantastic way to let our hair down as well as to recognize all the hard work that has enabled us in 15 years to become a globally-recognized professional translation services company.

As you can see from the pictures below, the entire team had a great day:

Our Beginnings

The etymology of the Net-Translators’ name is rooted in the original idea of “translating the internet (net),” with a vision to provide language services to the growing website translation industry. Although companies had begun to translate their websites by 2002, the industry didn’t really take off until a few years later. Due to our location in the technology heartland of Israel, it was only natural that we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by focusing on translation and localization services for all types of content specific to the technology industries, especially for software companies and medical device manufacturers.

After a few years, as our base of medical device companies grew, we were certified for compliance to ISO 13485:2016, which is a standard that outlines specific quality management system requirements for businesses that provide medical devices and related services. We continue to maintain our certification as more than 50% of our activities come from the medical device industry.

We understood how important translation quality was to these industries given the nature of their products and services, and to better serve these industries, we developed our own quality control methodology. Our 16-step quality process has proven to minimize errors and increase customer satisfaction. We also developed a process to produce quality control certificates that ensure our high-quality work outputs.

From our humble beginnings in a warehouse, we moved into a one-room office in Or Yehuda, Israel, a Tel Aviv suburb, in 2002. Our company continued to grow and currently we are located in an Or Yehuda business park with large offices covering 330 square meters / 3500 square feet. Our location places us within 20 miles of leading technology companies. This location is important to us as Israel is second in the world in regards to the number of startup companies and is known as the second Silicon Valley.

A Global, Dedicated Team

Our 1500+ native-speaking, professional translators, most of whom have specific industry expertise, are located all over the globe. With every project, you work with a dedicated, experienced team that may include internationalization and localization engineers, industry experts, IT and web specialists, multilingual QA testers, project managers, desktop publishers and proofreaders. Our dedicated and professional leadership team has decades of industry experience and we are here to support our customers along the way.

Where We Are Today

Originally founded in 2002 in Israel, Net-Translators established our North American headquarters in Silicon Valley, California in 2009. A year later we established a United Kingdom headquarters in London, England. That year, we also merged with Multilingual QA to bring advanced multilingual testing services in-house. 2010 was the year we established a presence in South America with offices in Posadas, Argentina. Our expansion in North America continued in 2011 with offices in Boston, Massachusetts.

Today, we are truly a global company and as our company has continued to grow, so have our service offerings. While probably best known for our top rated technical translation and medical translation services, we are also recognized for a wide variety of other professional translation and localization services.

With hundreds of satisfied customers globally and a retention rate of over 90%, we’re here to support your next localization project. To learn more, we invite you to reach out to our nearest office. We’re here to help and we look forward to the next 15 years of our journey!


Lee Stein

At Net-Translators I've had a unique opportunity to experience the world of localization from different points of view! During my first years at Net-Translators, I was the HR and Vendor Manager. I had the chance to experience the localization world from different people's perspective: translators, project managers, localization engineers, QA testers and more... Each one and his own motivations, challenges and expertise. It was very fascinating! As the VP of Operations I face new challenges together with our clients. Being committed to fulfill our clients' requirements, goals and expectations while constantly improving our service has made me even more confident that it's all about the people: teamwork, communication, sharing information and aiming for one common goal. In this blog I'll share with you interesting information, thoughts and insights. You are most welcome to comment and share. Looking forward to meeting you here! Lee.

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