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Meet Net-Translators: An Interview with Co-Founder Shy Avni

An Interview by Lee Stein, Vice President of Operations at Net-Translators

Shy AvniI recently asked Shy Avni, the co-founder of Net-Translators, if he’d be willing to share in his own words who Net-Translators is, what we do and what makes our professional localization and translation company unique. Shy was a good sport and our interview is captured below. I hope that you’ll enjoy reading this interview and invite you to reach out to one of our global offices if you should have any additional questions about our company and services.

Question: Shy, please tell me, what exactly does Net-Translators do?

Answer: Net-Translators is a leading provider of translation, localization and multilingual testing services in more than 60 languages. For over 15 years now, we’ve helped global companies prepare their products and services for worldwide deployment, with language services to localize and test multilingual software, medical devices and websites including localization of user interfaces, online help and technical and marketing materials. Our growing suite of tools and technologies simplify the translation management process so that our customers save money and get to market faster with high quality translations.

One of our main areas of expertise is providing services to industries such as life sciences and medical devices where regulatory compliance is required. Our wide range of certifications includes ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 17100:2015 and CAN/CGSB-131.10-2008. We know the complex regulations, certifications and processes for each target country and we also pay close attention to the constantly-changing nature of regulations and diverse and complicated requirements. Quality is our top priority because medical translations can involve health or the potential loss of life.

I’m also very proud of our one-of-a-kind Multilingual Testing Center. The center offers translation quality assessments, professional multilingual testing staff and a dedicated localization testing environment for products of all kinds. Today, with customers and localization resources on six continents, we are known and trusted by global companies from all kinds of sectors for the high quality and consistency of our services.

Q: Great! Can you explain our service offerings in a little more detail?

A: Sure. As you know best, we’re probably one of the most agile translation companies out there since we continually assess the market and our industry so that we’re able to offer new services to our customers. Our core solutions include:

  • Software Localization – Translation, localization and adaptation of user interfaces, online help files and associated documentation.
  • Technical Translation – Translation of documentation, user guides, quick start guides, instruction and training materials, technical marketing materials, brochures, white papers, case studies and more.
  • Medical Translation – Translation of medical content such as documentation, software components, instruction and training materials, product materials, research IFU (Instructions For Use) and ICF (Informed Consent Forms) and more.
  • Website Translation – Website localization and multilingual website testing. We also offer a website translation management system that simplifies the translation process and the maintenance of multilingual content, which saves our customers time, money and resources.
  • Localization Testing – Multilingual localization testing locally or at our Multilingual Testing Center.
  • Translation Quality Assessment – Assessing the quality of a translation using our 40+ points checklist covering linguistic, cosmetic and functional issues.
  • Internationalization (i18n) – Adapting a software product to enable it to handle multiple languages, countries and cultures before it’s translated so that you don’t have to redesign it.
  • Phone Interpreting – Live, human interpreter services on the phone within seconds.

Q: How and when did Net-Translators get its start?

A: Net-Translators was founded in 2002 and our corporate headquarters was established in Or Yehuda, Israel. In 2009, we established our North American headquarters in Silicon Valley, California and a year later a United Kingdom headquarters in London, England. That year, we also merged with Multilingual QA to bring advanced multilingual testing services in-house. 2010 was the year we established a presence in South America with offices in Posadas, Argentina. Our expansion in North America continued in 2011 with offices in Boston, Massachusetts. We truly are a global company as we contract thousands of certified professional translation and localization resources worldwide.

As our customer-base continues to grow around the world, we’ll continue to evaluate new office locations in order to best serve our customers.  

Q: Tell our readers a bit more about our corporate headquarters.

A: Net-Translators’ headquarters is located in Or Yehuda, Israel (Tel Aviv area), where our main production is located, which includes departments such as engineering, desktop publishing, quality control and project management as well as our main marketing, finance and sales teams. You’d be surprised to learn how many high tech companies have been founded here. In fact, Israel is one of the leading high-tech countries and second in the world, after the US, in regards to the number of startup companies traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market and actually known as the second Silicon Valley.

Israeli start-up market overview





Q: Who are our customers?

A: Any company that has a vision to go global with their business, whether it’s a software, hardware or medical device company needing help localizing their website, technical documentation, online help or other types of content.

Q: Are there certain industries that we target?

A: We provide translation services to global companies in any industry. However, our main focus is on the technology industries including medical device manufacturers and software / hardware companies.

Q: What’s unique about Net-Translators?

A: Great question and I could go on forever of course (he starts to laugh). I would probably break it down into the following five points:

  1. Although we’re a globally-operating translation company, I still feel that we’re “boutique” in a sense that we are not too big so that every customer gets our full attention but also not too small since we have all resources, including back up resources, to handle large and complex multilingual localization projects.
  2. Our specialization in complicated sectors such as technical, software and life science gives us an edge over our competition.
  3. The company’s focus on quality and self-developed methodologies and technologies as well as certificates ensure constant high-quality work outputs.
  4. Efficient and semi-automatic project management processes save our customers time and provide a great level of convenience.
  5. We have hundreds of satisfied customers globally and a retention rate of over 90%.

We always assess the market to understand new technologies that are available to the translation industry. We try to anticipate new industry trends, thus allowing us to evolve our service offerings by innovating and developing new services and products to better meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. Our company draws from a world-class team of experienced and talented language professionals including thousands of professional industry-specific translators, highly-experienced localization engineers, top-notch project managers, IT, testing and other specialists who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to each project.

We truly are dedicated to providing translation services of the highest quality at competitive prices and with quick turnaround times. To demonstrate this commitment, we guarantee the translations and localized products we produce are of the highest quality available anywhere in the world.

Q: Where do you see the business going in the next 5 years?

A: We’ll continue to provide top-notch quality translation and localization services to global companies. Our company will implement more technologies, such as Translation Management Tools, in order to help our customers reduce cost and time to market and improve quality. Our Net-Connect solution allows us to provide “hassle-free” translation services, as we’ll pull and push new multilingual content without the labor intensive back-and-forth process.

Net-Translators’ new phone interpreting department will also be one of our growth engines. We’re working hard on expanding this service to include more language combinations and to improve on our already fast response time of 30 seconds.

We’re also going to invest and enlarge our operations in Argentina and we’ll open more customer service branches in many other countries.

Thanks for your time, Shy, and for sharing information about our company with our readers.

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Learn More About Shy Avni

Shy AvniShy Avni is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Net-Translators in 2002. Under his leadership Net-Translators has become a leading localization company, operating offices across the world focusing on providing services to a wide variety of industries, including medical device manufacturers, software, hardware, telecom, Internet-based businesses, risk management and compliance, printing, and engineering.



Lee Stein

At Net-Translators I've had a unique opportunity to experience the world of localization from different points of view! During my first years at Net-Translators, I was the HR and Vendor Manager. I had the chance to experience the localization world from different people's perspective: translators, project managers, localization engineers, QA testers and more... Each one and his own motivations, challenges and expertise. It was very fascinating! As the VP of Operations I face new challenges together with our clients. Being committed to fulfill our clients' requirements, goals and expectations while constantly improving our service has made me even more confident that it's all about the people: teamwork, communication, sharing information and aiming for one common goal. In this blog I'll share with you interesting information, thoughts and insights. You are most welcome to comment and share. Looking forward to meeting you here! Lee.

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