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Medical Device Testing and Localization Best Practices: Avoid Potential Devastating Disasters

Medical Device Testing and LocalizationIf you work for a medical device manufacturing company, you know how important it is to thoroughly test your software in order to produce the highest-quality product possible. Additionally, if you sell your products into a global market, you also know how critical it is to accurately localize the content for your international audience. Even the smallest mistakes could have potential devastating repercussions.

As a localization service provider specializing in medical device localization, we’ve seen all kinds of challenges that our customers face with software testing. One thing is certain: the more thorough the testing, the better the localized versions of the software. Since we know rigorous testing is such a critical component of the product development process, we’ve teamed up with QualiTest, a software testing company with a specialization in medical device testing. In a first effort to showcase how both of our company’s solutions are tightly intertwined, we’re co-presenting an educational webinar called “How to get localization and testing for medical devices done right” on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 11:00 EST. I hope you’ll be able to join us for this complimentary 60-minute online session.



Since both Net-Translators and QualitTest are businesses with a core expertise in the medical device field, we understand the complexity and importance of localizing and testing your medical content. With decades of experience between us, we’ve witnessed all kinds of business situations and we’ve been able to help numerous clients improve these processes so that they can focus on their area of expertise – developing medical device products.

Net-Translators’ Localization and Global Testing Expertise

At Net-Translators, we help medical device manufacturers prepare their products for a global market by localizing and testing software and web apps, and translating all associated documentation, website copy and marketing materials. We follow strict quality standards, as we have the ISO 13485:2003 certification, which is an ISO standard that outlines specific quality management system requirements for companies providing medical devices and related services. Using our expert team of professional translators, engineers, project managers, IT support, testing specialists and more, we support localization needs in more than 60 languages.

QualiTest’s Testing Expertise

QualiTest, a global business that focuses on software testing for a variety of industries, offers a wide range of testing capabilities for the medical device field. They act as an independent agent, providing basic to comprehensive testing, quality assurance processes, project management functions and more. With a staff of domain experts focused on safety and compliance, QualiTest uses their high-quality testing facilities to deliver results quickly and thoroughly.

Learn the Right Way to Localize and Test Medical Devices

If you’re in the medical device field and want to learn more about localization and testing challenges and solutions, then I encourage you to  join LinkedIn group Measuring Localization Quality and to follow our Localization Testing LinkedIn Showcase page and our LinkedIn Company page.

David Sommer

For roughly a decade I have been helping people around the world gain access to the world's leading products and services by making them accessible in their native language. My previous experience with a national standards institute taught me how to achieve quality and present the results.  Having started at Net-Translators as a Localization Project Manager winding up a Senior Localization Manager, and finally to my current position as Director of Strategic Operations, I have learned much about the industry, but more importantly, I have focused continually on how I can improve processes and deliverables in a theoretical as well as practical manner. I am constantly on the lookout to learn more about our industry and implement new ideas.

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