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Do You Need a Better Translation Management System?

You know you emailed a translation project request for a quick start guide in eight languages to your language service provider (LSP), along with several other jobs, but what’s happening with the quick start guide project? You think you emailed the request at least a few weeks ago, and since it was only a small guide, the translations should probably be ready. You go back through your emails trying to see when you submitted the request and then you find it – the quote that you just realized you never accepted because you got busy working on something else that day. So now the project is delayed and your colleagues aren’t going to be happy.

Does this sound like a familiar scenario? We all have too much to do and the little things can get lost in the shuffle. Our localization and translation management system, called Net-Cloud, manages the entire translation process, from the initial submission to translation to invoicing. You’ll never have to rely on emails or wonder what’s happening with a project because everything is stored in our secure, cloud-based system. I’ll share some benefits of Net-Cloud in this blog post.

Manage Your Translation Projects

You can add a new translation project at any time using Net-Cloud. Simply add details about the project such as the due date, requested languages and importance level, and then upload the files. You’ll receive a confirmation notice that the files have been received and the request is being handled. You’ll also receive a notification when the quote is ready for your approval.

The Net-Cloud dashboard allows you to view the status of your projects in real-time. You can view the project as a whole or by individual language and much more:

Net-Cloud Manage Your Translation Projects

One really helpful feature of Net-Cloud is the discussions section. Here you can view the project notifications, such as the project submittal request. You can also add any additional information that you want to send to us, such as if you want to add another language or ask any questions. The discussion section replaces the need to send emails since you can view it all in Net-Cloud. If you turn over your projects to a colleague, that person will be able to see the project history in Net-Cloud so there’s no need to forward a bunch of emails.

Streamline Your Workflow

Net-Cloud enables you to reduce the number of administrative tasks associated with managing a project. Since all the project details are located in one place, there’s no need to email files or email or call a project manager to get the project status. You can assign one or more people to have access to Net-Cloud. If you have several colleagues who manage translation projects and work in separate locations, it can be beneficial to set everyone up in Net-Cloud to ensure that all of your company’s projects keep moving along at all times. And Net-Cloud is set up with automated processes and alerts as a project moves through its lifecycle, so you’ll get notified when a quote is ready or a file is available to download. Net-Cloud not only allows you to reduce the administrative overhead but it also lets you focus on more strategic things.

Increase Time-to-Market and Save Money

With Net-Cloud’s faster communication channels and automated processes, you’ll get your projects out the door more quickly, reaching more customers. You’ll also save on translation costs since using Net-Cloud requires less translation management time due to the automation.

Track Your Budget and Generate Reports

It can be hard to track translation budgets, especially if you have multiple colleagues with their own projects. However, Net-Cloud makes it easy to track your budget because you can generate spend reports in Net-Cloud by departments, project or languages. Plus, all quotes are stored in Net-Cloud so you can always refer to them.

Net-Cloud Reports

Is Net-Cloud Right for You?

Net-Cloud has been a beneficial solution for many of our customers. If Net-Cloud sounds like a good localization project management tool for your translations, contact us today. We’d love to schedule a personalized demo and provide you with additional information on how to get started.

Learn more about Net-Cloud by visiting: www.net-translators.com/net-cloud.

Shy Avni

Shy Avni is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Net-Translators in 2002. Under his leadership Net-Translators has become a leading localization company, operating offices across the world focusing on providing services to the technology industry.


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